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Jannig & Repkow offer all services in connection with intellectual property (IP) matters.

The services offered by Jannig & Repkow comprise all services in connection with IP applications and IP rights as patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. Jannig and Repkow draft and file new IP applications, take over the representation of the applicant / owner, file responses to Office Actions, keep care of the maintenance of the IP applications / IP rights, defend the clients' IP rights against third party attacks, attack third party IP applications / IP rights for the clients, conduct negotiations with third parties when necessary or useful, and advise the clients whenever it is necessary.

Furthermore, Jannig & Repkow prepare expert opinions on IP matters, assist the clients in granting or obtaining licenses and other cooperation matters with third parties, assist the clients in IP right infringement matters, and so on.

Jannig & Repkow also offer IP workshops and trainings for their clients.

If it is necessary and/or useful, for example if foreign IP applications or IP rights are concerned, we cooperate with local law firms.

Jannig & Repkow will always provide the best service to their clients.

We will provide you with further details and our schedule of charges upon request.

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